1: 1. "Suits" may have ended, but you'll enjoy "Billions," a gripping legal drama with a twist.

2: 2. "White Collar" features an artful con-man working alongside the FBI—a perfect combo for "Suits" fans.

3: 3. If you loved Harvey's wit, check out "Boston Legal," a courtroom comedy-drama filled with clever banter.

4: 4. Fans of "Suits" will find themselves hooked on "The Good Wife," a captivating legal series with powerful performances.

5: 5. If you crave more corporate intrigue, "Mad Men" takes you back to the '60s advertising world, blending drama and style.

6: 6. Don't miss "House of Lies" for a satirical take on management consultants, reminiscent of "Suits" strategic maneuvering.

7: 7. "How to Get Away with Murder" offers the perfect blend of legal complexities and thrilling twists, just like "Suits."

8: 8. For those seeking a legal series with a touch of politics, "The West Wing" provides an immersive and intelligent storyline.

9: 9. If you loved the characters in "Suits," give "The Good Fight" a shot—a powerful legal drama packed with strong personalities.