1: "Get your legal drama fix with these top TV shows if you miss Suits! Explore courtroom twists and captivating characters in just 35 words."

2: "Feel the power dynamics in the legal world with 'How to Get Away with Murder,' where a law professor and her ambitious students navigate crime and secrets."

3: "Witness the charm of Harvey Specter-like character in 'Billions' as a ruthless hedge fund manager clashes with a determined U.S. Attorney, setting the stage for high-stakes drama."

4: "Join the intense legal battles of 'The Good Wife' where Alicia Florrick, a former lawyer's wife, rebuilds her career amidst political scandals and courtroom challenges."

5: "Experience thrilling corporate clashes in 'Mad Men' as creative geniuses navigate the cutthroat advertising industry during the 1960s, encountering personal and professional obstacles."

6: "Dive into the world of public defenders in 'Better Call Saul,' a prequel to 'Breaking Bad,' tracing the transformation of Jimmy McGill into the morally ambiguous lawyer, Saul Goodman."

7: "Embrace the gripping legal storylines of 'Boston Legal,' with charismatic attorneys fighting for justice while dealing with quirky colleagues, unconventional cases, and heaps of humor."

8: "Explore complex relationships in 'Damages' as lawyer Ellen Parsons becomes entangled with ruthless litigator Patty Hewes, revealing dark secrets and deadly consequences during high-stake cases."

9: "Explore the unconventional partnership between a lawyer and a biker gang leader in 'Sons of Anarchy,' delving into crime, loyalty, and family amidst the backdrop of a fictional California town."