1: 1. Suits: The Original – Witness the gripping saga of high-stakes legal battles and captivating characters in the acclaimed drama series that started it all.

2: 2. Pearson: Jessica's Journey – Explore Jessica Pearson's relentless pursuit of justice in the tense and unpredictable world of Chicago politics.

3: 3. The Darvey Chronicles – Dive into the complex relationship between Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen, as they navigate personal and professional challenges.

4: 4. Louis Litt's Legacy – Follow the eccentric yet brilliant attorney Louis Litt as he tackles his own share of legal drama while leaving a lasting mark.

5: 5. Samantha Wheeler: Fearless Defender – Discover the inspiring journey of fierce attorney Samantha Wheeler, striving to make her mark in the competitive legal arena.

6: 6. Harvey Specter: The Early Years – Witness the transformation of Harvey Specter from a determined newbie to one of New York's most formidable lawyers.

7: 7. Legal Espionage: Katrina Bennett – Join Katrina Bennett as she navigates treacherous waters filled with corporate espionage and straddles the line between right and wrong.

8: 8. A Mind of Numbers: Ava Hessington – Unravel the intricate legal battles surrounding Ava Hessington and her company, entangling everyone in a web of deceit and danger.

9: 9. Expanding The Firm: Robert Zane – Experience the challenges faced by Robert Zane as he expands the firm's reach, facing personal and professional obstacles along the way.